When Dew Puff started, one of our main goals was to keep things simple and pure. By using raw materials such as Konjac Root, we've held true to that promise. Not many facial cleansing products can live up to their all-natural, chemical-free claims... but ours can. Simply put, we are The Natural Sponge Company.

What makes the Dew Puff better than other Konjac Sponges?

Our commitment to keeping things simple and chemical free. The Dew Puff Original Konjac Sponge is as pure as it gets when it comes to sponges. If you've become accustom to a certain soap or face wash, this sponge won't alter its composition one bit, but rather provides a soft and gentle way to apply.

On the other hand, people who chose not to use soaps or cleansers, can pick up one of our Asian Clay or Charcoal Bamboo konjac sponges. Both of these have been infused with all-natural occurring substances, which have been proven to help with facial cleansing.

What Makes Dew Puff The Best Konjac Sponge?

The price and people behind the product. From our research, we've fairly priced our product to meet the needs of our company without gouging our customers. By keeping things simple, we've made our Konjac Sponges affordable, but effective. Lastly, if an issue with one of our sponges arises, our staff is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

If you have questions about Konjac, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. For some fun reading material, visit our Facts about Konjac Sponge.